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Программы для изучения японской письменности и лексики от Declan Software

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Japanese FlashCards v1.0.153
ReadWrite Kanji v1.1.195
ReadWrite Hiragana v1.0.1046
ReadWrite Katakana v1.0.1004
Japanese Dictionary v1.0.2115
(включая таблетку к каждой программе)
Подробнее (на английском): Japanese FlashCards v1.0.153
Declan's Japanese FlashCards is a fully configurable audio-based Japanese
vocabulary flash-card program. The program has been designed to help students
learn a large number of Japanese words as quickly as possible in a systematic,
but fun and simple way.
ReadWrite Kanji v1.1.195
ReadWrite Kanji teaches the complete 1945 Jouyou Japanese Kanji characters.
The program features meanings, ON and KUN pronunciations in both the kana
and romanji (English) scripts. Each kanji includes stroke order illustrations
and animations.
The program features a Learning List which, at any one time, contains a small
subset of the total 1945 kanji. Students begin by reviewing the kanji in the
Learning List and then progress to a number of exercises. If all the exercises
are completed correctly for a particular kanji, it then moves off the learning
list and another yet unlearned kanji replaces it. If a mistake is made in any
of the exercises, the kanji's scores are reset and all exercises must be
The program also includes almost 3000 examples that illustrate the use of each
of the kanji.
ReadWrite Hiragana v1.0.1046
ReadWrite Hiragana teaches the Japanese Hiragana alphabet. Lessons include a
structured introduction to each letter with examples of its pronunciation.
Students can use the voice recording feature to compare their pronunciation
with a native speaker's.
The Writing Lessons use animation to illustrate letter stroke orders. Students
can practice writing and receive instant feedback on their efforts.
Reading, Listening and Multichoice exercises are also included which are designed
to build a simple vocabulary.
ReadWrite Katakana v1.0.1004
ReadWrite Katakana is identical to ReadWrite Hiragana except that the program
teaches the second Japanese phonetic script - katakana. Features include exercises
and recording of all letters and examples.
Japanese Dictionary v1.0.2115
Declan's Japanese Dictionary uses Jim Breen's EDICT Japanese-English dictionary
database. The version of the database used by this program includes around 20,000
words* each with it's kana/romaji pronunciation.
Declan's Japanese Dictionary allows flexible searches of the dictionary and includes
a feature that allows custom word lists to be exported to Declan's Japanese
FlashCards XFL files.
Integration with the windows clipboard is also included which allows the word, its
pronunciation or its meaning to be pasted into other Windows applications.
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